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Ever tried on your wifes panties or girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they, there is just something about it that gets you extra hard. There are many woman out there who enjoy seeing there man wearing womans panties.

Do you get turned on just by hearing the word panties or panty? Do you anticipate the next time you will be able to wear panties, to pick up a pair of panties holding that silky, satin or nylon material in your hands, feeling how good the panties feel in your hands and imagining how good those panties will feel as you slide them up your legs and they press against your cock or ass for the first time. Seeing how your cock stiffens and how your precum leaves wet spots on the panties as you get more and more excited. There is just something about panties that gets us guys so excited, is it that they cling close to a womans pussy and ass, being so close to her juices and scents, and how amazing a woman looks in panties, so we wear panties to imagine the woman who wore them before we did. Or perhaps us men that wear panties enjoy the look of panties on men so we wear simply because we enjoy how they look on us and other guys wearing panties. Or maybe us guys that wear panties enjoy how panties feel against our cock and ass, how that silky, nylon, satin, soft material feels and how it excites us. Some guys wear panties for the sexual thrill, and some guys wear panties because they feel and fit better. There are many reasons men wear panties, and they are different for all guys who wear panties. Mention the word panties to any guy and you will see his eyes open wider, the word panties is such a powerful stimulate, and seeing a pair of panties, not to many guys can resist not taking a closer look.

So why does your husband wear panties or your boyfriend wear panties, so why do guys wear panties? There could be many reasons why men wear panties and the reasons why guys wear panties are different for all men who wear panties, but none should get your panties in a bunch, just listen to him. Many men wear panties simply because they like the differences in fabrics, cuts and styles. Many guys wear panties because it increases their sexual desire. Simply put men wear panties because it turns them on, just as seeing a woman in panties turns them on, many men are simply turned on by panties either seeing a woman wearing panties or wearing wives panties or wearing girlfriends panties. And what a TURN ON for a guy who wears panties to be wearing wifes panties with her also in panties, or wearing girlfriends with her also in panties, both in panties together, most call it panty play, so try some panty play with your panty wearing men and you will see it will increase your stimulation as well.

So you found out your husband wears panties or that your boyfriend wears panties. First of all many guys wear panties. Studies have shown that most men have tried on wifes panties or tried on girlfriends panties. And studies also show that more and more men wear panties on a daily basis. And studies show that most men who wear panties are straight married men, or in a serious relationship. And studies show that men in panties come from all walks of life, jobs and ages. Men wearing panties has nothing to do with his masculinity and does not make him less of a man. Its just a choice. And many woman do support that there husband wears panties or that there boyfriend wears panties. In fact many woman enjoy seeing their husband wearing panties or their boyfriend wearing panties, and many woman express that finding out there husband likes wearing panties or that their boyfriend likes wearing panties has taken there sexual lives to a new level.

Yes there really are woman out there that enjoy seeing men wearing panties, many men hide that they wear panties from there wives or girlfriends, but as you will see in reading stories and advice from the many men who wear panties on this site who have wifes or girlfriends who enjoy men in panties, its not as rare as you think that woman enjoy seeing men wearing panties. Our site is filled with lots of couple wearing panties, or panty wearing couple, we were as surprised as you will be at the increasing number of panty wearing couple that visit our site. As we have said many men who wear panties hide that they wear panties from there wife or girlfriend but as you will learn from other panty wearing couple on this site its not as difficult as one thinks or as nerve racking to let your wife know you wear panties, many men wearing panties have commented how relieved it felt to let there wife or girlfriend know they wear panties, and how surprised they were at the reaction from there wife or girlfriend. If you have always wanted to tell your wife you wear panties or tell your girlfriend you wear panties, you will find lots of great advice from others who have told there wife or girlfriend and even chat with them, helping you build up the courage to tell your wife or girlfriend.

There are lots of woman out there who really do like seeing men in panties, seeing how the panties cling to his cock and ass, how excited he gets when he puts on panties, the way he reacts when she touches him in panties. Its simple most woman enjoy turning on there partner and seeing him excited and happy. The problem is that most guys who wear panties feel they need to hide that they wear womans panties from there wife or girlfriend when in fact most woman would be comfortable with there man wearing panties, and yes even turned on by seeing a man in panties. It comes down to open and honest communication and you will learn many many things by reading how others have told there wife or girlfriend and also by chatting with husband wearing panties, boyfriend wearing panties and couple wearing panties.

Do you find panties relaxing, do you find a certain comforting feeling when you slip on a pair of panties. At the end of a stressful day or stressful week do you look forward to coming home and picking out a pair of panties and slipping them and feeling that relief. Many guys who wear panties find wearing panties have an amazing stress relieving quality, wearing panties gets rid of headaches, back pain, sore muscles, helps colds, so why aren't more doctors prescribing men wearing panties. For most men wearing panties going without wearing panties causes the reverse effect, they get headaches, backaches, sore muscles and get very stressed out. Guess thats why so many men wearing panties wear panties 24 7. I am sure you can relate to the stress relieving qualities that wearing panties has. How can one piece of clothing be so amazing and provide such enjoyment. Its easy to see why men wear panties.
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You will be amazed at the number of men wearing panties from around the world, they come here to meet other men wearing panties, see pictures of men wearing panties, watch movies of guys wearing panties, read stories about men wearing panties and how they got started wearing panties, or about there encounters with other guys in panties.

Panties wearing is a site for all men wearing panties, crossdressers, those who crossdress or who enjoy crossdressing. Its really surprising just how many guys wear panties or have tried on a pair of panties, for most men wearing panties they started with being curious about there moms panties, sisters panties, aunts panties, neighbors panties, or friends moms panties, girlfriends panties, wives panties or someone else close to themselves panties. Most men who wear panties also became curious by browsing through the ads in the sunday newspaper or the jcpenny catalog, getting excited seeing all the pictures of woman in panties, bras, lingerie, and pantyhose. Do you remember the first time you wore panties, or whose panties where the first panties you ever wore or what kind of panties they were. For most men wearing panties they can remember the first panties they ever wore just like was yesterday. And for most males wearing panties that excitement of wearing panties has never diminished, each and every time they get to wear panties its like the first time, especially if its a new pair of panties. Its amazing how exciting it is to try on a new pair of panties, to see how they fit and feel. And how exciting it is to shop for panties, or to wait for that package in the mail with the new panties you ordered. Its amazing how womans panties make us guys in panties feel.
Why should woman be the only ones to wear panties, woman have been wearing mens clothing for years now its our turn, who says panties can only be worn by a woman. Do you think you look sexier in panties than many woman, looking at most of the pictures submitted I would have to say that alot of men look better than many woman in panties. Do you wonder if the panties you are wearing are sexier than the woman at work or in line at the checkout. Its about time us men got to wear sexy things also.

There are men in panties from all over the world that visit our site and post pictures, movies, stories, and add to the many other interactive areas our site has. Surveys show that there in an increasing number of men who wear panties, and surveys also show that most woman accept and are even turned on by seeing men in panties. And here you were thinking that you were the only guy wearing panties, more and more men wear panties, and thanks this site its becoming more and more part of the norm for men wearing panties. So you don't have to feel alone that you are a guy wearing panties anymore, come on in and check out all the pictures, movies, stories and more and meet other men in panties.

We have several couples who visit our site and it gives those of us who have not told our wife we wear panties or our girlfriend we wear panties, it gives us hope and encouragement that someday we will be able to share our secret with our wife or girlfriend and be accepted by them. We have received many thank you messages from other men wearing panties that have wanted to tell there wife or girlfriend but have been afraid to but with the suggestions posted by others who have successfully told there wife or girlfriend they to have become successful in telling there wife or girlfriend that they enjoy wearing panties.

Many of us enjoy taking pictures of ourselves in panties, admiring just how sexy we look in panties, it definitely increases our sexual excitement looking in the mirror and seeing how good we look panties, or taking some pictures of ourselves all dressed up and viewing them later to excite us once again. A lot of us also enjoy creating movies of us all dressed up in our favorite panties teasing the video camera, and bringing ourselves to a climax while we video tape it. Now you have a place to post those pictures of you wearing panties, and those movies of you teasing and climaxing for other guys who wear panties to get excited by.

Thats what is so great about a community like panties wearing, there is such a variety of people you will meet and see here. From sexy crossdressers wearing panties, lingerie and pantyhose who dress full time in which you will have to do a double take to tell whether they are men or woman (most look sexier than most woman in my mind) to guys who only wear panties and lingerie part time but still can get you turned on, to guys who just wear panties and are more manly, there are all types of guys here, but they all have one thing in common they like to wear panties, lingerie or pantyhose. There is such a wide variety of guys wearing panties who post pictures, movies and stories here. All types of pictures and movies including crossdressing pictures, crossdresser pictures, crossdress pictures, men wearing panties pictures, guys wearing panties pictures, guys wearing lingerie pictures, guys wearing pantyhose pictures, crossdressing movies, crossdresser movies, crossdress movies, men wearing panties movies, guys wearing panties movies, guys wearing lingerie movies, guys wearing pantyhose movies, couples wearing panties pictures, couples wearing panties movies. Yes thats right there are many couples wearing panties that post here, many of them looking for another panty guy to get together with. I think you get the point, and you will be amazed at the number of pictures and movies that have been posted here.

Panites wearing is a discreet place for guys wearing panties. You can rest assure that when you visit panties wearing that any information you exchange will remain private and never given out. Whether you just want to browse all the men wearing panties pictures, guys in panties movies, read the stories from males in panties and read through all the questions and answers from men that wear panties or whether you want to interact with other guys in panties, meet men wearing panties in person, and ask questions to other men in panties, or respond to questions from other men in panties. Or create your own galleries and post pictures of yourself in panties, movies and add stories about wearing panties. Panties wearing is a great place to visit again and again. You will really be amazed at the number of men wearing panties that visit each day and post pictures, movies, stories and personal ads. Come be apart of the ever growing panty wearing community at panties wearing.

Are you a guy wearing panties, have you been wearing panties for years alone with no one to share your love of wearing panties with, well you don't have to wear panties alone anymore, come on in and chat with other men wearing panties, meet other men wearing panties and yes even couples wearing panties.

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